Welcome to Waterford Wesleyan Church

Whether you’re a lifelong church-goer or this will be your first time in a worship service, you’ll find a warm welcome here at Waterford Wesleyan Church. We gather at 10:30am  Sundays for a time of coffee and fellowship with service starting at 11:00am.
Please join us, expecting to connect, engage and experience God!  You’ll be warmly greeted and given a bulletin, with a brief description of the day’s worship service and a list of upcoming activities at WWC.  
Worship will begin with uplifting,  powerful music from a variety of sources—praise and worship and contemporary Christian music, and hymns, played and sung in new and creative ways—followed by an inspirational, faith-building, Bible-based message. Worship will be over about 12:00-12:15pm, and we encourage you to hang around with your new friends afterwards.
We are located at:
75 Grace Street in Waterford, NY
Our Sunday morning service
begins at 11:00am.